3E Logistic | Big Bags

due do their capacity (500 to 2000 litres), big bags are made to handle efficiently and easily large amounts of bulk goods. Therefore they are designed for transporting and storing ashes, powder or granular materials, shredded material or building materials such as gravel, sand and cement.

Big bags are made of 100% polyethylene or polypropylen, either coated or uncoated and optionally with inliner, food-safe, printable and can be recycled. The bags are provided with loops that allow the simple handling for example hanging them in a filling device. We can provide big bags in different sizes and designs.

  • Coated for products with fine composition, uncotaed and not dustproof for, sand, gravel, wood etc.
  • With inliner for the storage of products that shouldn’t be wet
  • big bags for hazardous materials according to the UN and ADR norm
  • big bags for asbestos with double texture and special warning label
  • dimensionally stable big bags that are more square and antistatic or
  • conductive big bags for materials which can create static electricity during filling and discharging.
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