Transport on the road

We use the most innovative vehicles, whether these are trucks, containers, articulated trailers, walking floors, rolling systems, container vehicles, skips or other required systems. The consistency of the products, whether they are liquid, solid, pulverous or goods which can be dumped, hazardous goods or waste products is of great significance in any case.

Attention must be paid to all products, which is the reason why most transports by road are supervised by state-of-the-art communication mediums.



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Transport on rail

We move everything which is feasible. Great benefits are provided by railway sidings which permit transports to be picked up from the consignor or discharged at the destination. Of course, combined traffic transports or transports via rolling roads are also highly feasible solutions. The equipment is adapted to meet the demands of the goods and materials to be transported. These are the state of the art silo high capacity wagons or hopper cars corresponding to the entire range available in the modern railways systems.

The consideration of national rail tracks and circumstances is a matter of principle for us. The transports are also supervised, transported and designated according to material classification, waste or hazardous goods also in this case



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Transport on water

Whenever is feasible, we rely on transport by ship when a large tonnage must be transported. Utilising coastal motor ships with a capacity of several thousand carrying tonnes to barges carrying ca. 250 tonnes, we employ this interesting opportunity for mass goods. This method of transport is especially suited for goods that need not be transported within a prescribed time limit.



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